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Join Chris Holland, speaker of It Is Written Canada, on a fascinating journey through time.  Through the pages of Bible prophecy you will be amazed to see that recent world events are a remarkable fulfillment of these ancient predictions. Chris has shared these messages with audiences around the world, through the It Is Written telecast and live presentations. Audiences are thrilled by his clear, simple, and easy to understand teaching. Through his fully illustrated presentations, you will see that the ancient mysteries of the past reveal real hope for the the future.


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  • Fascinating seminar
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  • Children’s program (ages 4-9)



All seats are free but the best seats are reserved.
You can also call  1-844-544-6000

It Is Written Canada is a media broadcast that can be seen on CTV at 11:00 am nationally. It is also broadcast on many other stations in Canada and around the world.  Founded by Henry Feyerabend over 40 years ago, It Is Written Canada has consistently broadcast a message of hope for the future. The ministry continues on today with it’s commitment to sharing the scriptures and the message of wholeness they bring.